Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dialogue Systems Group - University of Cambridge

I have recently developed a web interface to a dialogue system on which I am currently working in Cambridge. You can find it here:
Dialogue Systems Group - University of Cambridge - CamInfo demo

You can find similar demo on Amazon Mechanical Turk; however, in this case you can also make some money. We need volunteers! Check out Cambridge .

CDR reporting (to MySQL)

If you want to enable CDR logging using MySQL on Asterisk Now 1.4 CentOS distribution. You will have to install the following packages:
- asterisk14-addons-core
- asterisk14-addons-mysql

Although the MySQL logging is necessary for installed FreePBX, the asterisk14-addons-mysql package was not initially installed.

More details can be found here:
0014931: CDR reporting (to MySQL) is completely broken in AsteriskNOW 1.5.0 - Issue Tracker