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Backup your hard drive over the network with dd and ssh

Backup your hard drive over the network with dd and ssh:


... wanted to copy everything off the disk and send it over the network. So we can do it with ssh. First zero out the non used space on the running disk to make compressing the image much eaiser. Using the command: dd if=/dev/zero of=0bits bs=20M; rm 0bits Then boot knoppix (or any other bootable linux distro like sysrescuecd) from the machine you want to image and give the command: dd if=/dev/sda | gzip -1 - | ssh user@hostname dd of=image.gz Assuming sda is your hard drive. This sends the local disks data to the remote machine. To restore the image boot knoppix on the machine to restore and pull the image that you created and dump it back with the command: ssh user@hostname dd if=image.gz | gunzip -1 - | dd of=/dev/sda

php strict warnings | Drupal Groups

php strict warnings | Drupal Groups:

Thanks, forcing 5.2 worked. Login or register to post comments
Disabling warnings from php strict in DrupalPosted by DarrellDuane on September 26, 2012 at 3:21pm I'm well aware that hacking core is frowned upon, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Running drupal 6 with views 2.x using PHP 5.4 (Fedora 17 in this case) yields a number of strict warnings that are not easily turned off. PHP doesn't allow you to turn off these strict warnings in its php.ini file, they come through even if E_STRICT is disabled, see for more details.
In order to fix this, I have edited includes/ and put the following at the beginning of function drupal_set_message starting after line 991: // filter out strict warnings due to conflicts between views-2.x and PHP 5.4
if( !strncmp($message, 'strict warning:', 14) ) {
return isset($_SESSION['messages']) ? $_SESSI…